Is Autocad Good for 3D Modeling? Start Here!

AutoCAD 3D modeling is a real chance for the beginner. Let me explain my experience. In the beginning, I started it with AutoCAD because I was a civil engineering undergraduate student as well as during that time I worked as a freelancer.

AutoCAD 3D modeling is the best way to start 3D modeling for the new user. A newbie can understand 3D modeling, design and basic rendering with using the autocad. Autocad 2D is the first thing you should learn and then Move to the autocad 3D for the additional learning.

So that was a very good beginning. I practiced it for more than 1 year and later jumped to 3D modeling.I started my carrier with AutoCAD. That was great software for my start.

Let me explain it more.

Why AutoCAD 3D modeling is Good for Beginner’s?

When I practice 2D drawing. I got used to Autocad step by step for 3D parts. I started it with small commands like Extrude, Loft, Revolve, Sweep, etc.

I could create simple shapes like brackets, bottles, chains, houses, etc. 

One day I tried to create a curve shape-like part of a face. That was not able to do using the software. The reason is the NURBS system is unable to generate that kind of work.

So I realized that it is not good to use beyond the beginner level. So I changed the software.

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How to Select the Best 3D modeling Software?

There are facts before you select this. What is your expectation to be in 3D modeling? Do you need to create mechanical parts, house models, sculptings, animations or do only render. So there are software to use according to your necessary. 

AutoCAD is very good for the beginning. You can learn basic things of the 3d designs and then expand it towards your field. You can do a 3D modeling job after you become a proffessional user.

Lets consider If you get use to AutoCAD what should you follow?

Do I Select AutoCAD 2D or 3D?

I thoroughly believe that AutoCAD 2D you must learn first. So you will learn First angle drawings as well as 3rd angle drawings. As well as you can clearly understand the front, back, top, bottom and side view of a model. So it is a great start for the carrier. Then try to plot correctly. These are the basic things. It will important to you at any time in your design life.

If you need to use Autocad you should download it.

Where Can I Download AutoCAD?

You can download AutoCAD in the Authorized site. Or you can get a student version of it. Its options are limited. But you can use it for your practice. Then you can buy it.

Some cracks are also available. Those are not recommended. But it is a great solution for your problem.

Can I Use AutoCAD Crack?

You can use it. But that is not legal. You may occur many problems like,

01. Stcuking the application when you work
02. It will include harmful files in the crack
03. Legal problems will occur
04. Piracy and malware attack
05. Data damage etc

So it is better to use student version for you. It will not harm anyone. 

Optional Software for the AutoCAD 3D Modeling.

There is much optional software for the Autocad 3D modeling. As I mentioned above you must recognize your purpose. So you can decide what you need to do. Take a paper and write what you need to do in 3D modeling. So after that you can select a better software. That will match to your purpose.

There are may optional software for AutoCAD. Those are specified to each category

Cinema 4DSculpting, Modeling, Rendering, Animating
3D maxSculpting, Modeling, Rendering, Animating
MayaSculpting, Modeling, Rendering, Animating
SolidworksMechanical part modeling
Fusion 360Mechanical part modeling
BlenderSculpting, Modeling, Rendering, Animating
Adobe dimensionRendering
Google sketchupArchtitectural Modeling
RevitArchtitectural Modeling
Software and its category

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Conclusion of the Autocad 3D Modeling

As a beginner start with AutoCAD. And then recognize your necessary. After that select another software for you. So you can clearly understand everything very well.

You can learn the basic steps of 3D modeling and rendering with using the autocad. So it is a great approach to the 3D design path.

Ricky Louis

Hey.. I am Ricky Louis, A professional graphic designer with years of experience in 3D modeling. I would like to share my knowledge with you.

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