11 Best Android Apps for 3D Printing – Save Your Time!

As an Android user, it is a great idea for involving 3D printing using your android phone. You can make your 3D models using your Android also. And if you are going to print it in 3D using your phone that is amazing.! So have you find some apps for you. I think you may watch on the app store and you could find a few. I am also doing research for this and I could find many android apps for 3D printing with many options.

These are the best Apps for android users for 3D printing. You can find models, prepare G code, do calculations using these 11 apps for the 3D printing process in Android

App NameDownloadsRatings
My Print10,000+4.4
3D Print Filament Calculator5,000+4.3
G Code Printer5,000+4.2
3D Fox10,000+4.1
3D Print Material Cost Calculator10,000+3.5
EasyPrint 3D App10,000+2
Best android apps for 3D printing with ratings

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01. Thingiverse

Thingiverse is the world’s largest 3D printing community. The apps let to users share their 3D printed images with others, comment, cloud upload and communicate with each other. This can be recommended to everyone.

Many people have created the accounts here and share their 3D printed images with the community. This app has the most downloaded volume and with low ratings of 1.1 with its user problem nearly happened.

Rating out of 51.1/5Installations500,000+
Updated 2019-May-01Current Version1.5.6
Required Android 4.0.3 and UpOffered ByMakerBot Inc

02. Printoid: The OctoPrint app

Printoid is a smart interface for the OctoPrint servers. OctoPrint is an open-source 3D print controller application. Its android version is Printoid. It lets the user control the 3D printer with G code and many options. There are both Lite and Premium versions. So you can purchase the premium if you need it.

The app consists of All in one for mobility, smart and secured connection, smart file manager, full 3D print controller, and video streaming for the premium versions. overall this is very good for the Octoprint servers for 3D printing.

Rating out of 54.4/5Installations50,000+
Rated599SizeVaries with device
Updated 2021-Jan-31Current VersionVaries with device
Required Android Varies with deviceOffered ByAS mobile development

03. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory is a curated 3D printable object-sharing platform. If you own a 3D printer you can search for many models using this software. There are 70000 free or premium guaranteed 3D printed objects are available for home 3D printing with 13 000 talented designers who are support to the community.

The main aim of the MyMiniFactory is to provide a real user experience for the browsing user for the 3D models for the printing.

Rating out of 53.5/5Installations100,000+
Updated 2019-Dec-02Current Version2.3.6
Required Android 4.4 and upOffered ByMyMiniFactory

04. Plabric

Plabric is a social network and amazing 3D printer controller through your phone. When you join this network you can slicing models and controlling 3D printers anywhere. If provide you a real service related to any 3D printer. You can have the best support from the community and also you can follow some professionals and connect with them about the 3D printing process.

You can explore the 3D world, connect with 3D fans, slice 3D , models, and control your printer, etc.

Rating out of 53.9/5Installations10,000+
Updated 2020-Aug-14Current Version0.5
Required Android 5.0 and UpOffered ByMD code

05. 3D Fox

3D Fox is a 3D printer and CNC printer. You can Print G-code files directly from your Android device via Wifi, Bluetooth, or USB OTG/Host port. This is developed with Reprap Prusa i3 with Mega2560 + Ramps + Marlin/Repetier + Slic3r, Wifi module ESP8266, and BT module JY-MCU, it should work with many other HW/SW combinations.

There are so many special features like USB connections, WIFI module, Bluetooth module, etc. You can upload/Print files from your PC /Tablet browser over the network and video streaming of the device’s built-in cam. You can manage a few printers together with this app.

Rating out of 54.1/5Installations10,000+
Updated 2021-Jan-06Current Version1.4.16
Required Android 4.0.3 and UpOffered ByElisoft 3D

06. EasyPrint 3D App

EasyPrint 3D App is for both newbies as well pros. There are new features like real-time monitoring, remote control, cloud slicer, and a cloud gallery of 3D models. Besides, The elegant user interface provides you with easy operation flow and a responsive user experience.

You can configure your printer with few clicks. as well as you can directly control the machine with preview the model file, calibrate and level your printer, modify the temperature of the extruder and hotbed and the printing speed, and start to print.

Rating out of 52.0/5Installations10,000+
Updated 2019-Feb-12Current Version2.3
Required Android 4.1 and UpOffered ByGEEETECH

07. G Code Printer

G Code Printer is a 3D print app where it is available on the google play store. This really helps you to do your 3D print easily. You will not need any PC for using this and With the smart UI interface, you can always see what the print status is. And also you can modify print parameters during the printing.

This is a paid version and you had better check with the Free version of the G code simulator so you can make sure whether this is working or support your mobile phone. There are so many 3D printing features and Visualization and simulation options. So you can use this and make sure it is good for your usage.

Rating out of 54.2/5Installations5000+
Updated 2019-Sep-24Current Version3.16
Required Android 4.0.3 and UpOffered ByMD code

08. ToyBox

ToyBox is for your children to find or make the toys in 3D and print it in 3D. This is a simple to get start app and you can find hundreds of toys for your children and print in one click. You will need a Toybox printer for the printing process.

The app is with an eye-catching interface and with huge cloud library. So you can find one easily and print quickly.

Rating out of 53.6/5Installations10,000+
Updated 2019-Sep-24Current Version1.8.9
Required Android 4.4.8 and UpOffered ByToybox Labs

09. Price My Print

Price My Print is an app to estimate the budget and amount of material that you will need for the 3D printing process for android users. You can have the estimated time frame and cost for the 3D printing also easily. There is some material is missing I hope soon they will add it.

Very user-friendly app and this is very good for the FDM and FFF prints. There is no invoice option and really important that to provide the customers.

Rating out of 54.4/5Installations10,000+
Updated 2017-Oct-04Current Version2.1.3.2
Required Android 4.0 and UpOffered ByRafael Mendes P.

10. 3D Print Material Cost Calculator

3D Print material Cost Calculator app can calculate a simple way to estimate the cost of a 3D printed part before it is printed. The app is available for a Wear OS smartwatch. The app can save entered values for future use, with one click you can share the output, auto-detect currency based on device locals, and markup value.

You need to enter these data into the app

  • Filament material (ABS, PLA, PETG & Nylon)
  • Filament diameter (1.75mm or 3mm)
  • Weight per roll (kg)
  • Cost per roll ($)
  • Length of filament needed (mm – from slicer)
Rating out of 53.5/5Installations10,000+
Rated103SizeVaries with device
Updated 2018-Oct-31Current VersionVaries with device
Required Android Varies with deviceOffered ByAri Robinson

11. 3D Print Filament Calculator

The Filament calculator is to calculate filament for the 3D printing process. You can print the objects with many filaments. For quality 3D printing you should have enough filament at the beginning So using this app you can calculate the number of filaments that you need.

Rating out of 54.3/5Installations5,000+
Updated 2020-Sep-23Current Version3.1.05
Required Android 5.0 and upOffered ByParatiDev

These are the all apps that we can see on the Google play store. So you can try each one and see the difference. There are apps that I am not able to include here due to fewer reviews and also download. But if you can find it you can check it.


According to the above classification, we can categorize all 3D printing android apps into main 3 categories.

01. 3D Printing Libraries and Communities
This is a significant category of 3D printing. Many people are connected with the relevant communities to get an update and share knowledge with others.

02. 3D Printing Apps
These kinds of apps are used for generating the G code and do an edit of the codes. As well as the car as a file viewer also.

03. Calculation Apps
To calculate material, time, cost we use this kind of apps. There are many apps you can find here. These data may be exactly correct. But it is better to check all.

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